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Trinity College of Biblical Studies is a Tuition Free Online Bible College

*Bachelor in Divinity, Biblical Studies, and Theology

*Emphasis in Pastoral Care/Counseling, Youth/Children's Pastor, Missions/Church Planting, and Theology

*Job Placement we are working with several denominations to place students in jobs after  graduation)

*Study at your own pace            *Supervised Internship

             *No Residency Required            *Thesis Option                

 *No Hidden/Registration  Fees        *Accelerated Programs           

*Low cost Pilgrimages to:     

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Bachelor of Biblical and Theological Studies

The purpose of Trinity College of Biblical Studies is to familiarize students with the content and concepts of the Bible, the appropriate methodologies for the interpretation and the application of biblical teaching. Students are taught to use research tools  which will aide  independent study of biblical texts and topics. For career purposes, the major may be used as a terminal degree, preparing  students for employment in a local church  by achieving a level of biblical literacy that will enable them to be active in  church leadership and teaching ministries.
Students are trained in basic biblical and theological knowledge. They are encouraged to develop skills that enable them to take into account the original linguistic, literary, historical, and cultural contexts of the Bible. Students are thereby enabled to consider critically religious traditions, beliefs, and practice in order to bring them into conformity with biblical revelation and to evaluate all of life and thought from the perspective of biblical principles.

The ultimate goal of Theological Studies is to ensure that the churchís proclamation and the individualís life is faithful to Godís revelation of Himself in Scripture. Students with good theological training will know how to evaluate critically their own personal theological leaning, be aware and respectful of other theological positions, and be able to distinguish those values that are distinctly Christian from those that the secular world espouses

These objectives are attained through the academic processes which enable students to formulate a constructive, personal stance of Christian faith, to become aware of how culture affected biblical revelation    .



The internship, normally taken immediately prior to the final year of seminary study, is required of all B.Div. and B.Th. candidates. The internship program is administered by the Director of  Internship at the Seminary.

*Ordination is available for ministerial candidates fulfilling Degree course work, Internship, required testing, and interview process..

Thesis Option

There is also the option of doing a thesis as part of this degree. For those students who demonstrate sufficient academic success, we encourage you to pursue the thesis option in conjunction with a specialty. The thesis allows you to take a particular agreed-upon topic and, by working with an academic mentor, undertake your own research into this subject area.



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